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Consist of 22 professional R&D teams, Solex are aiming to develop and apply the intelligent technology at the forefront of kitchen and bathroom industry. Solex are insisting on breaking technical barriers to keep the most advanced key technology and R&D ability.



Intelligent Touch control

Visual touch control, several temperature sets, just a touch, flow rate and temperature change immediately.



Transform kinetic energy to electric energy and provide environmentally friendly energy for LED faucet.



Mix air into water and restrict flow rate, improve the comfort level during use, increase utilization rate of water resource effectively and rich oxygen content.


Temperature control lighting

Senses temperature once water goes through and color changes according to temperature.


Ceramic divert

Adapt high accuracy ceramic cartridge, operate more easily and freely.


Comfortable thermostatic

Temperature rise quickly, reach ideal temperature immediately, handle water pressure changes promptly and keep the temperature stable.


Time setting

Set time for water coming out and close water automatically


Integrated water purification

Put filter in the inlet and purify through macromolecule millipore filter, pass the test of Laboratory standards of water quality


Cool touch

Hot and cold water diversion channel design, use sense deformation material and fulfill the cool touch function.


Bright crystal plating

Several plating levels to enhance the surface, keep bright and new, not easy to wear or corrosion

Anti-explosion intelligent

Built-in balls spread water pressure to avoid explosion due to outlet blocked.


Restrict flow rate and save water

Restrict flow rate and save water, make sure flow rate stable

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